TheraSpecs Haven Migraine Glasses with Indoor and Polarized Outdoor Lenses by Haven TheraSpecs

Did you know that certain types of light can be a problem for some people and can be the cause of very painful migraines?

Migraines are thought to be one of the most common conditions caused by light sensitivity.

So if you could treat the light sensitivity condition perhaps you can stop a migraine occurrence in its tracks? Wouldn’t this be wonderful!

Keeping The Bad Light Out!

But how do you keep this bad light out without hiding in a dark room with your eyes shut? So many people will tell you that when they have a migraine onset all they can do is to go into a dark room, close all the curtains and blinds, lay down in bed with their eyes shut and hopefully sleep it off or wait for their migraine to go away.

But when there are things to be done, work to do, or children to take care of this is not always an option and perhaps may not be the best action to take.


If you have a sensitivity to light you cannot always hide away in the dark and its thought that if you do block out the light consistently that over time your light sensitivity may actually become worse.

I know that when I am getting a migraine and that light can be a cause of sensitivity to my eyes, especially as I am descending into the beginnings of a migraine, and this light is really painful to my eyes, if I could do something to stop it right then and there I know I would take this action before it gets any worse.

Have You Heard of Light Sensitivity Glasses?

I have only recently heard of glasses that can help with light sensitivity triggers in migraines and I decided to research this and see if they are of benefit to those that have used them.

So, when I heard about them I decided to look further into the feedback and reviews on TheraSpecs, a fairly popular brand of light-sensitive migraine glasses. I researched the customer responses on this product, and if those using them are getting positive results. This will hopefully give me an answer to my question. Will they be helpful to me?

Firstly, What Is Light Sensitivity?

Most people are sensitive to a dramatic change in light, such as walking out of a dark house or room into a bright sunny day, and it can take some time for your eyes to adjust.

Not all people get migraines due to this changing light environment. Some people have a very high sensitivity to light and this is called Photophobia or Photosensitivity. It can be caused by different types of light such as natural bright sunlight, bright lighting, artificial or fluorescent lighting, computers and screens, or flickering light bulbs.

Our computers, tablets, TV and smartphone screens all tend to omit a tinted blue light. This tinted blue light is thought to be one of the worst for those people with light sensitivity and migraine onset. If you filter this blue light through yellow, orange or red lenses it can be of some relief to those with light sensitivity issues.


TheraSpecs Customer Ratings TheraSpecs-Customer-Review

On the TheraSpecs website, there are over 1500 reviews giving the migraine glasses a rating of 5 stars. Many people wrote how they had suffered migraines for years and that these glasses have been a wonderful help with their migraine management or about their use on computers and how these glasses had made a difference to them.

Not all customers were claiming to have become migraine-free and as we all know this can be due to different migraine triggers for different people. It states on their site that 96% of the reviewers were giving 4-5 star ratings. These were all pretty high ratings promoting these glasses.

There were very few negative reviews from customers on the site also. I found only 13 reviews of 1-2 stars, which is pretty minimal compared to the positive feedback. Most of the negative feedback was more about website issues with ordering or how to do payment etc. A couple of customers are saying that the glasses don’t fit every face shape properly or didn’t work for them. The customer services replied to reviews including these negative reviews regarding any faulty glasses to help them resolve their issues.

On Amazon, 76% of customers who purchased these glasses had given them a 5 stars rating. These people all talked about their reduction in migraines and eye strain.

There were some negative reviews where some people did not get the relief they had hoped for. But as we know, not every migraine sufferer has the same triggers and it is possible these people may have another migraine associated trigger.

TheraSpecs – Where to Purchase

PRODUCT: 2 PAIRS – TheraSpecs Haven Migraine Glasses for Light Sensitivity
PRICE: $248.00 USD
60-day money back guarantee

PRODUCT: 2 PAIRS – TheraSpecs Haven Migraine Glasses for Light Sensitivity
PRICE: $248.00 USD
60-day money back guarantee


TheraSpecs – Questions People Asked?

Here are some customer questions and replies from TheraSpecs customer service that I found on Amazon and on the TheraSpecs website. If you have any other questions or would like to leave your own TheraSpec review, please comment below and I will do my best to find an answer for you?

  • Can these be used at nighttime while driving for headlights and traffic? YES
  • What if these glasses don’t fit me? The company website has a send in your frame service and will replace the lens.
  • Is there a huge colour change? YES, There is a definite colour change but you get used to it rather quickly.
  • If purchased through AMAZON are they still covered by the 60-day money back Guarantee? YES, the 60-day money back Guarantee info is included in the box/package it comes in.

Do You Want to Know More About TheraSpecs?

TheraSpecs are created to block out certain tints of light that are known to be associated with triggering a migraine headache.

Indoor TheraSpecs

These are recommended for using indoors. They can be used for wearing while working under artificial lighting and fluorescent light. Also, have you ever noticed that while you are working on a computer that headaches can also become a problem? With more of us working daily on computers these glasses are also recommended for computer use.

TheraSpecs Indoor glasses are also recommended to use outdoors on cloudy and overcast days as there can still be significant glare from the clouds.

Outdoor TheraSpecs

These glasses are recommended for using outdoors and are polarised. The specs say that the lenses are 100% UVA/UVB blocking. This means that they should be really great for wearing outside on a really bright and sunny day or at the beach where you can get the glare from the water.

TheraSpecs say that they have helped at least 90% of their customers and are very helpful to most people that suffer from conditions that have symptoms of photophobia (light sensitivity).

Not everything works the same for every person, so these may not work for you. But my thoughts on this is if you don’t try, then you will probably never know if they are helpful for you.

Sunlight-Migraine-photophobiaQuality of TheraSpecs Glasses?

The images of this product look like a fairly stylish eye-wear accessory and are made of lightweight materials. They have a metal rim made of stainless steel and arms that look fashionable with a tortoise-shell design (other colours options may be available at the time of purchase). The nose pads are made of a silicone and are on an articulated hinge. The earpieces are flexible for comfort. The glasses design works for both men and women.

The protection is said to block a large percentage of the blue-green light that can be a trigger or symptom with a migraine headache, photophobia, and other light-sensitivity conditions.

TheraSpecs have a returns policy that comes with their glasses: If you don’t like their glasses or do not experience the benefits, return them within 60 days for a full refund. Now that’s very helpful to know, so I can return them is they are not working or me.

Can TheraSpecs Glasses Help Me?

There is no exact answer as to whether TheraSpecs migraine glasses can help you with your light sensitivity migraines? But I can tell you that many of the personal reviews of people who have purchased and used these specs are receiving some wonderful benefits by using these glasses to help reduce their migraines.

Every person is different and their migraine triggers are not all the same so there is no one product that will work the same on every single person out there. Some statistics are suggesting that around 80-90% of migraine sufferers have a problem with light sensitivity either as a trigger or as a symptom from a migraine. I think that these are generally showing some great results in helping a person who suffers from light sensitivity migraines. Someone like myself.

Always Remember: Safety First

You should always consult your medical professional or an optometrist if you experience any sudden sensitivity to light or pain in or behind your eyes or migraine headaches. It is important to ensure that there is no other underlying cause to the onset of light sensitivity or migraine headaches.


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  1. Thanks for writing about TeraSpecs Haven Migraine Glasses, your post captivated my interest to read as I haven’t come across glasses to ease migraine attacks before.
    I suffer quite a few migraines per week and as you mention, maybe it is the tinted blue light emitted from my computer screen, I’m not sure. I get severe auras that leave me sitting in a dark room until they disappear, usually about 30-60 minutes, after which follows a horrendous headache.
    I’ve never found an answer to why we get them – no one seems to understand what drives a migraine but they are horrible.
    Thanks again,

    • Hi Simon, Thank you for reading my article and for your comments. I too have only recently heard of these glasses that filter the bad light that can be a cause for Migraines. With so much time spend on technology these days anything that can help us with this lifestyle challenge is really worth looking into. Its important to find the underlying cause for a migraine, so that you can avoid triggers or find ways towards prevention. There are a number of triggers with migraines and you can find you migraine triggers by keeping a “Migraine Diary”. This will help you find what may be causing your migraine headaches. I found an app that I am currently trialling called “migraine buddy” that you can use to record the information surrounding your migraines or you can keep a manual health diary. I have written in here about ways to help find your migraine causes. https://migrainenaturalremedies.com/barometric-pressure-migraine-headaches or See my post of migraine triggers. It’s also important to see a medical professional if you are having headaches and migraines regularly to ensure there are no other underlying causes to these headaches. I hope you find some relief soon. Gratitude and blessings, Mary

  2. Never heard of such glasses before. Really good review you have here. I myself don’t suffer from the light sensitivity you mentioned in the review. But I wonder if I should get one of these TeraSpecs Haven Migraine Glasses since I sit in front of a computer all the time.
    Is there any benefit of having one of these if I don’t suffer from light sensitivity?

    • Hi Wei, Thank you for reading my post.
      TheraSpecs indoor glasses can definitely be used while working on computers or any other technology screens to reduce the bad light effects of eyestrain. The benefits of TheraSpecs will work for you by reducing bad light and are not just for those people who have light sensitivity (photophobia) and migraine headaches. They reduce the negative effects of flickering, artificial, or fluorescent lighting. These glasses can also be worn outside on a cloudy overcast day as well. Let me know if you have any further questions and I will be more than happy to help you find the answers. Kindest regards Mary

  3. This is a very good and well structured article. Thank you for your well researched statistical data. It really gives people a clear insight on the TheraSpecs and I think they are a large number of people who need this kind of information. I am not familiar with these myself but i would definitely consider even someone to check them out via your article. Please do keep up the work, I loved it. Thank you very much for this.

    • Hi Palm, Thank you for reading my Review. I always find it exciting to discover something new. I decided to research the light Sensitivity glasses after I heard about them to find out if they were able to help people like myself. After I heard of the benefits people were getting who have a sensitivity to light I just wanted to share this with other Migraine Sufferers so that they are aware of this natural remedy and may perhaps receive some benefit to their own health. Blessings and Gratitude Mary

  4. I must admit that this is the first time that I have read about Theraspecs in the treatment of Migraines. This must be a welcome relief for those that are highly sensitive to light.

    Luckily I don’t suffer bad migraines, but my best friend does and she does just want to get into a dark room and sleep it off when it happens. Maybe she doesn’t realize that she is sensitive to light.

    Are these specs similar to polaroids or are they made differently? I wear my polaroids even sometimes inside, as they do help for the glare. I don’t get headaches but my eyes are sensitive to bright light.

    Also do you need a prescription for these specs?

    • Hi There Michel, thanks for coming to my site and reading about TheraSpec glasses. These migraine glasses are different to normal sunglasses as they block out the shades of light that are know to be the cause of light sensitivity and migraines. Its been studied that going into a dark room with light-sensitivity and migraines is likely to make the condition worse over time. Perhaps have a look at my article on barometric pressure migraines as this too along with the weather can contribute to migraines https://migrainenaturalremedies.com/barometric-pressure-migraine. You don’t need a prescription to get TheraSpecs or Axon optics glasses these can be purchased through amazon. Axon Optics have a version of these glasses that can fit over prescription glasses. Axon Optics COVER-RX Migraine Glasses for Migraine Relief and Light Sensitivity Relief

      I hope i have answered your questions and this has been of some help to you and your friend, Any further questions please let me know.  Blessings and gratitude, Mary

  5. Hi There this is a very good site with lots of well researched information regarding a product that has many benefits for lots of people this is a well put together article, very professional.

    I am fortunate, i don’t suffer from migraine, but bright sunlight in the tropics always causes discomfort and where i live in Queensland Aus, sunglasses are recommended from an early age. I can see a very useful and comforting product here and a lot of people will be glad they found your site.

    Thanks for the wonderful information all the best Shane.

    • Hi Shane,
      Thanks for coming to my site and reading my post on TheraSpecs.
      I’m glad you enjoyed reading my article. If you are from Queensland Australia you would be used to dramatic weather changes such as thunderstorms, humidity and heat-waves. Light sensitivity can be part of that as well along with migraines during these dramatic changes in weather and air pressure changes. Perhaps you would also like to read my article on this. https://migrainenaturalremedies.com/barometric-pressure-migraine
      I have also lived in Queensland many years ago now and know that the humidity and storms can play havoc with migraine headaches in this part of the world. Best regards, Mary

  6. HI have a sensitivity to daylight and I wear my prescription sunglasses most of the time, How does Thera specs differ from sunglasses can you get them on prescription from am optician?

    Migraines can be such a horrible experience to go through and light can be a big issue. Of these glasses can help a person and ease the discomfort light brings to their eyes then thats great.

    Thanks for your review as I have never heard of these glasses before and will be looking into them further now for my own condition,

    • HI Darren, Thank you for your comments on my article. 

      TheraSpecs glasses are different to everyday sunglasses. They have been developed to block out the tints of light that are best known to be related to light sensitivity and migraine headaches. The problem with sunglasses is that they just shade the glare and don’t block out the shades of light that are known to cause light sensitivity problems. With the indoor glasses it is also similar to the outdoor to reduce glare and block the harmful light colours as well including light from blue screens. 

      There are the some similar glasses made by Axon Optics, also developed for migraine light sensitivity, and the frames do fit over most prescription glasses. You could have a look at these, they are featured in the Amazon Ads at the bottom of my article. https://migrainenaturalremedies.com/barometric-pressure-migraine ‎ or follow the link below.

      Axon Optics COVER-RX Migraine Glasses for Migraine Relief and Light Sensitivity Relief

      I would love to hear your feedback on the glasses if you proceed with purchasing and using them. If there is anything else I can help you with please let me know. 

      Thanks for reading and I hope you find some relief soon. Mary

  7. julienne murekatete

    Thank you for such a wonderful information about  TeraSpecs Haven Migraine Glasses . It is my first time to hear about such glasses and i found this post helpful. I most of time have migraine when i am using computer for 2 or 3 hours and i didn’t know that i could get  glasses which can prevent such horrible migraine.I have been taking pain killer drugs but i now know what to do. 

    thank you


    • Hi Julienne, Yes this is something I have just learn’t about recently and from my research I can see that many people are having positive results with using both the indoor and outdoor glasses. This is a wonderful investment into pain relief if you are a person who suffers from Light sensitivity. Its far better for your health than taking painkillers continuously which can be incredibly harmful to the body long term. Perhaps take a look at herbal remedies that can also help you with migraines as well. https://migrainenaturalremedie

      Blessing and gratitude always Mary

  8. Hi Mary

    Interesting review and I must say I have never heard of glasses that could reduce migraines and although I do not suffer, I am in front of a computer screen for more than a few hours. Luckily its not continuous, I take a break every hour and perhaps that is why I have not had migraine problems, however, I have always been meaning to purchase those anti-glare filters for my laptop just as a precaution. Now that I know about these cool looking glasses, I may purchase a pair for myself.

    • HI Roger, Thank you for reading my post about TheraSepecs glasses. 

      You are lucky to never have suffered migraines as they can be pretty debilitating if you do. In America its thought that possibly about 13% of the population may have suffered migraines at one time or another throughout their lives and if you know someone who may need help with this then you may like to suggest they come along to my website and have a look at the information I have been putting together for people like me who do get this condition. 

      These glasses are not just for migraines, they also can help with light sensitivity which includes the blue screen so if you think that they will help you they might be worth a try.


  9. Great info and good post!

    I never knew such kind of glasses existed.

    My wife suffers lots of migraines and the only thing they tell her (the doctors), is that she has to get used to it.

    But now I see there are glasses to reduce that!

    I will send this to my wife and believe me, she will be very happy.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Emmanuel, Thanks for reading my Post on TheraSpecs. Perhaps have a look at some of my other posts on natural remedies for migraines. I have found, personally, that magnesium has been great in helping reduce my migraines. https://migrainenaturalremedie

      I have read many reviews from people who have managed to reduce and even stop their migraines through using TheraSpecs so it could possibly be helpful for her. ThersSpecs have a 60 day full refund policy, so if they are not helpful you should be able to return them.

      Wishing you and your wife a healthy and migraine free future, Mary.

  10. They look very good these glasses.

    A bit on the expensive side but for being migraine glasses I guess they do cost more.

    I have to wear glasses because my eyes aren’t well for long distance, does TheraSpecs Haven also produce real glasses for my purpose or just sun glasses.

    I’d be interested in not having to change the glasses all the time. My dad had some, they were normal glasses but turned dark when it was very light outside.

    • Thank you Stefan for reading my Post, TheraSpecs do have some WearOver glasses that you can wear over your current glasses. The WearOver TheraSpecs are ultra-lightweight, flexible and designed to fit over your glasses. You can take a look at them here https://amzn.to/2PIbLOq

      TheraSpec glasses are designed to block 80% of blue-green light. This light is a contributing cause of migraine, photophobia and other light-sensitive conditions. 

      The indoor lenses are lighter and good for long-term relief from exposure to fluorescents and screens and the outdoor lenses are darker and polarised with100% UVA/UVB.

      Kindest regards, Mary

  11. I’m hearing this for the first time ever,  but getting the kind of feedback from the users,  I think it’s a pretty amazing product.  people who suffer migraine will definitely find this post a resourceful and helpful one because for sure it is.  I sit at my computer a lot and whenever am not,  I’m busy with my smartphone and at times, I feel a little itch in my eyes,  do you think this is migraine? 

    How are these glasses different from the sunshade glasses we often use. 

    Thank you.  

    • Hi Olonisakin, Migraines are a condition where you will have numerous symptoms. From throbbing Head pain, to nausea, dizziness and eye pain. I Personally do not think itchy eyes would be a migraine, but it may be eye strain, sensitivity to another irritation like dust or allergy. Perhaps get your Doctor to check this over next time you visit. TheraSpecs can help with eyestrain due to screens and Fluorescent lighting. Perhaps they could help you with eyestrain and the longterm harm from computer screen lighting. Remember to take breaks from your screen and look away into the distance as a computer screen is fairly close up. I hope this helps a little. Blessings, Mary.

  12. This article is a blessing.  I have migraines all the time and I have been taking pills like crazy for years now.  My work environment is probably the cause. The eyestrain I get because of using a computer hours on end is probably one of the reasons, but I think that the lighting in my office might be the main cause because of the fluorescent lighting.  

    I never realized until today that it could have been right there on top of me all along.  I am grateful that I found your article.  I was not even aware that glasses even existed for such a purpose. I will definitely check these out!

    One thing though, I have to wear prescription glasses, not all the time, but especially when driving. Is there a way to get a prescription lens or is there any other manner that these can be used with my own prescription glasses?

    • Hi Denis, I am so glad that you found my article and that you it was helpful to you.  TheraSpecs do have some glasses you can wear over your current prescription glasses. You can take a look at them here https://amzn.to/2PIbLOq

      TheraSpecs lenses block 80% of blue-green light. This light is a contributing factor to migraine, photophobia and other light-sensitive conditions. The indoor lenses are lighter and good for long-term relief from exposure to fluorescents and screens and the outdoor lenses are darker and polarised with100% UVA/UVB. I hope this helps and you find relief for your eyes. Blessings and Gratitude always Mary

  13. Hi Mary, Thank you for your article. This is really good. I’m going to have eye surgery briefly and I need to wear light sensitivity glasses to protect myself from the light, I didn’t know these glasses yet. It seems to me a good idea to use after my surgery, because they will protect my eyes from the light. Do you recommend buying these glasses for someone in my situation? Thank you

    • Hi Claudio, Thanks for reading my article on TheraSpecs. These glasses are created to block certain types of light that can cause eye sensitivity and that can contribute to migraines.  I am not a medical professional so I would suggest that you check with you doctor/surgeon regarding the level of protection you may require. But I did check with TheraSpecs directly and they tell me that they would probably seem soothing to you, post-surgery. They told me that the indoor lenses block 50% of the light and filter the harmful spectrum at 80%. So, perhaps let your surgeon know about this and they may help you decide if these are going to be helpful for you after your surgery. I would love to hear how you go with the TheraSpecs if you decide to use them for your eye protection during recovery. Wishing you a healthy and quick recovery from your surgery. Mary

  14. Hi there,

    Great article! I really liked the reading!

    I work a lot with my computer, and I get quite often headaches. It seems that the light of the screen isn’t good for the eyes and this is why I get such strong headaches each time I work on my computer. I’ve never heard of the Theraspec glasses until I read your article. I’ll try these to see if it works on my eyes. I also have headaches with the light of the sun. Do you think I can wear them to protect me from the sun too?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • Hi Daniella, Thank you for reading my review on TheraSpecs. These glasses can be helpful for your eyes to help with sensitivity to the light and on the computer as they block certain levels of light that can cause headaches, sore eyes and migraines. They have indoor and outdoor versions to help with sunlight and indoor light including fluorescent lighting. Let me know how you go and I would love to hear back from you on the experience with these glasses. I have heard many positive experiences from people dealing with both migraines and light sensitivity issues. Gratitude and Blessings, Mary

  15. I have just read your website and was surprised that there is such a product as glasses specifically made to deal with light sensitivity. My wife suffers from light sensitivity, resulting in having to draw our curtains at home during the day as we get direct sunlight through our living room .However,   she has never suffered from Migraines to the best of my knowledge and so my question is would they be beneficial to her to manage her light sensitivity even though she does not suffer from Migraines. 

    • HI Alan, Yes, these glasses are made to help people with Light sensitivity issues, one of which can be a contributing factor of migraine headaches, so they can be helpful to those people who get migraines, or those who just have problem with light sensitivity.  There are a number of reviews on Amazon from customers not all suffering from migraines commenting on how TheraSpecs have helped them with their eye sensitivity with light. Maybe check it out and these could help her manage her sensitivities. Wishing you and your wife the Best of Health, Mary.

  16. Thanks for the informative review of Haven TheraSpecs! It’s awesome to know that there are some types of light that can be the cause of very painful migraines, and a problem for so many others, but a migraine occurrence in its tracks can be stopped by treating the light sensitivity condition.

    Kudos for evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the TheraSpecs glasses simply by checking deeply into the Customer Ratings on the site! I also believe in looking at customers’ ratings while making a verification or placing a trust in any product or service I want to buy as these are the people who have directly tested out the product.

    If the ratings promoting these glasses were pretty high with only few number of negative reviews, then one can believe that the glasses are truly helpful and effective. Thanks for the great work!

    Israel Olatunji

    • Hi Israel, thank you for reading my article. I have come across a number of people who have had great results with the TheraSpecs glasses. These glasses have helped many migraine sufferers manage and actually in some cases prevent migraines. If you know anyone who would benefit from this article please share it. Blessings Always, Mary

  17. I don’t get migraines per say….But my eyes are very sensitive to changing light intensity..If I go from a shaded area to direct sunlight, it takes a while for my eyes to adjust. I like the fact that you can use indoors/outdoors and at night. I will definitely check these out.

    • Hi Dave, the great thing about these are that they filter the light that causes your eyes to become sensitive, they also have a 60 day money back guarantee so if they aren’t for you you can always return them. Taking care of your eyes and your health is always important. Let me know if you have any further questions and i will do my best to find the answers. Happy holiday season, Mary

  18. I didn’t know that certain types of light can be the cause of very painful migraines. Now that I think about. It has happened to me a few times, not too frequently…

    what really happens to me all the time is that I need to use sun glasses in a sunny day, if not it is a very uncomfortable situation for my eyes.

    Thanks for this information!

    • Hi Fredery, Thank you for reading my post. Certain types of light can be harmful to our eyes so its important to always protect your eyes when out and about. Perhaps ensure that your glasses have UV protection as well. Gratitude and Blessings always, Mary

  19. These glasses are stylish AND useful. What an excellent idea to make these type of sunglasses for migraine sufferers. I know at least three other people who also suffer from migraines and will pass this info on.

    Should one wear it, can it be worn all of the time, or only during a migraine attack?

    • Hi there, Thank you for coming to my website and reading my post on TheraSpecs. 

      These glasses are best worn to prevent migraines so you can wear them often. There are indoor versions and outdoor versions of the glasses as well as glasses that will fit over your reading or prescription glasses. If your not wearing them and your eyes are strained and you can feel migraine symptoms, and the light is hurting or straining your eyes, I would suggest that you put them on and feel the relief. Gratitude and blessing always,  Mary.

  20. This is a great product and review, I think it is definitely something which needs to be made popular as so many people suffer from migraines and probably had no idea that there are glasses to help with this.

    I have a question, often people get migraines from looking at computer screens for too long, and while I understand you could say just stop going on computers so much, that is unavoidable for some people who work on computers every day.

    Would these glasses help with that?

    • Hi Joe, Thanks for reading and commenting on my post. Yes, sometimes computers are unavoidable with the way we work.

      YES,  ThersSpecs can be used to filter the harmful headache and eye straining light from computers, fluorescent lighting and phones. I think these types of glasses that filter the harmful light is something many of us need in the future to help us from suffering side effects of eye strain and discomfort, if not with migraines as well. Wishing you good health for the holiday season, Mary.

  21. I decided to stay on your website since it has so many usefull info about the trouble I am having, migraines. TheraSpecs look interesting and the technology behind them also.

    Never knew that bad light can also cause some kind of health issues and damage our eyes. This was eye opening for me. Can you tell me have you used one of these specs before and did they help you? 

    I would not like purchasing something that is not worked for the author itself. I am not planning to use them in traffic so I do not worry about any possible negatives regarding that.


    • Hi Strahinja, I am so glad that you are enjoying reading my posts on migraines and that there might be some other helpful information available for you on my website to help with your migraines. I don’t suffer light sensitivity but I know other migraine sufferers that do and they have told me that these glasses have worked amazingly well and reduced and even prevented them from regular migraine use. So as per the title on my post this is a researched product review, where I have been looking into how others have found these TheraSpec glasses. I do get aura during a migraine but this is not the case at the moment as I am managing my migraines quite well at the moment through diet, acupressure and magnesium supplements. I also enjoy herbal teas that have had some experience with migraine reduction as well. I hope you find the right thing for you. TheraSpecs do have a 60 day money back guarantee, so if you did purchase and they weren’t right for you then you can easily return them. Wishing you a healthy and migraine free holiday season, Mary.

  22. I found your page very interesting & beneficial to me. My mother has been suffering from migraines for YEARS. So bad that she will eventually end up in the hospital . A lot of people act like migraines are just no big deal…. but not…  I’ve taken some screenshots & will have to send her your page so you may get the credit if she decides to purchase . Thanks so much for the Info 

    • Thanks Xaia for reading my post on TheraSpecs, Y

      its true, many people do not understand the difference between migraine and headache and they don’t understand all the other symptoms that come with a migraine. There are many options available these days besides taking strong pharmacy drugs, which over time can have other side affects. 

      I hope your mum finds relief from her migraines soon, as every person reacts differently to migraine treatments but I have heard many positive stories from people using these glasses to help prevent their migraines. TheraSpecs glasses come with a 60 day money back guarantee and they also have a wear over option to help those people already wearing reading or prescription glasses.  

      Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season, Mary.

  23. I have rarely gotten a migraine until this past year.  While, I know my increased screen time may be one cause I also read, on the laundry list of symptoms for menopause/periomenopause, that migraines are another issue I may face because of this change.  I’ve always been a little photo-sensitive so that may have increased as well.

    I think these glasses are worth a try.  I’m a big fan of lenses that can take down the amount of dramatic light changes to a lower roar.  I never knew the suffering of regular migraines until recently.  I glad there is some hope out there for us all.

    I lower my screens brightness when evening comes but, I think this company and, you have it right.  It didn’t dawn on me that I use a blue lightfilter for my giant smart phone…I should be doing the same for my computer screen.

    • Hi Fyre, Thank you so much for reading my post and coming to my website. 

      I know what its like to suffer migraines and I know that each person has their own causes and triggers. If you keep a migraine / health diary it can help you to find the causes of a migraine. Ensure also, that you see your medical professional too so they can rule out any other medical conditions. 

      Light sensitivity and migraines go hand in hand and these glasses have helped many migraine suffers deal with the painful eye sensitivity both indoors and outdoors. Regular Sunglasses just don’t filter out the correct light sources that cause this problem. 

      What I like about it best of all is that you can get along and continue life and do not have to take any strong medications. Something we all would prefer not to do.  TheraSpec glasses are helpful with filtering harmful light from computer screens, phones and fluorescent lighting. Bless you and I hope you find the relief your looking for. Mary

  24. How did I have lived this long not knowing that Migrane is caused by the light! I always assume that it is from stress. Biggest elephant in the room ever! My regular that I am trying to leave is BG actor and I always avoid the stage light because I get a headache but never thought that it is a migrane. I have a question are the Theraspecs UV proof as well? I do spend a lot of time both outdoors and indoors in from of the computer. Just want to know that it is going to be a one stop shopping or not. Great post!

    • Hi Nuttanee, Thank you for reading my post? Yes TheraSpecs are 100% UV proof and they have glasses for indoor and outdoor use that filter the different lights. The great thing is they look really nice as well as protect your eyes and help prevent light sensitivity issues such as migraines.

  25. I agree with TheraSpecs but how does it work with those that need to wear glasses to read and see? Like myself I don’t see the need to buy these glasses if they can’t provide something that can really help me in both ways. I know that light bothers and makes your eyes cry, makes you head hurt even at night but if I can’t see then I cant buy.

  26. I can honestly say I have never even heard of these glasses. While I do not suffer from migraines I do know a couple people who do and I am wondering if they could benefit from these. The 60 day money back guarantee helps with the idea trying them, because if they don’t work or they don’t like them, they can just send them back and get a refund. I like that.  

    And even though they do seem a bit pricey, I know that the people I have in mind would gladly pay that in order to get some relief from the pain they have during their migraines. Thank you and I will certainly pass this website along to my friends. 

    • Hi there Free4life, thanks for reading my reviews on TheraSpecs.

      These Glasses offer help for people who have a difficult time coping with light changes and that have migraine due to light sensitivity. People that have these type of migraines have to shut down there lives to deal and cope with migraine pain. 

      While the cost of the glasses may seem a little pricey, people pay far more for a normal UV sunglass and these TherSpecs glasses offer the “researched and proven” protection of blocking the bad light that is a cause of migraines in those with light sensitivities. 

      We pay also for doctors, drugs like pain killers, time off work and family time and other commitments due to pain and suffering. These glasses may help a sufferer regain their life back so they are really not such a huge cost in the scheme of getting relief. If you know anyone who suffers with light sensitivity causing migraines they may be interested in reading the reviews too. Thanks for your comments, Mary

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