What Can I Use My Computer For?

I love having a computer that’s connected to the internet.

Have you ever had the problem of no internet connection or internet access on your phone or computer when you wanted to find some information on something? Did you feel like me when this happens, frustrated and annoyed…

When we want to find things to buy, where to buy, health information, education, cooking recipes, the latest news, direction to get somewhere, or the latest fashion we can find it online. Pretty much anything we want to find out or want to know you can find this information somewhere online.



Sometimes in the search for our information, we find a writer who has written this wonderful information and their words resonate with us. We enjoy reading their articles, and sometimes we decide to follow a person online because we really like what they have to say or find the information they offer us helpful in some way or another.

Sometimes we don’t like what they have to say and move on to find different information from someone else, or we comment or give them feedback on our opinions.

We really are the luckiest generation with so much information and social connection at our fingertips.

Working From Home – Can I Do It?

I have worked from home for a number of years but not using the internet as a tool.

When I started working at home, a number of years ago, I absolutely loved that I could connect to the others through the use of the internet and this made me feel less isolated. But now I wanted to know if I could use the internet for my future employment.

I wanted a job where I could connect with people through the internet. I didn’t want to go back to a job sitting at an office desk, in an office building all day.

I wanted freedom and flexibility in my life and with my family time, so I started to research working from home employment opportunities!

Was there a way for me to make an income by working from home on my computer?

What Work Was Available Online Working From Home?

Family-Time-work-from-homeAs I started to research and looked at work from home jobs, I started to look at what things I could do that would still allow me time with my family, let me manage my health needs and hopefully find something I could do any time of the day or evening even if I was travelling somewhere.

I looked into a couple of different job advertisements on offer, but some of these work from home jobs in sales and different types of internet jobs required large financial commitments up front that I just couldn’t and didn’t want to make.

Some jobs I found looked to be OK but they had hours that I could not fit in and around my family and their needs.


Other Work From Home Opportunities

A few other “work from home opportunities” that I looked at and researched seemed to me to be scams or had a feeling of dishonesty about them.

While researching some of these online work from home jobs opportunities I was feeling a little confused and also misled by people offering me this work.

They were not telling me what the work or sales product was until the end of their sales pitch, which could include multiple videos and phone calls. Wasting my time!

Some of these product sales jobs you had to continually buy upgraded versions of the products to be able to sell it. Thus spending thousands upon thousands of my own dollars which would filter onto the people selling on from the top of the program!

These types of jobs had the feeling of some sort of pyramid scheme perhaps and I wasn’t going to be getting involved in something like that.

Some sales jobs wanted me to buy their “High End” product, and it was usually something quite expensive, then market this product to friends and family, but not just for them to buy it, but for them to signup and become consultants as well. Then they have to continue to sign up more consultants that need to buy the product themselves, and so forth.

I think some people can do this type of sales work but it’s not for me personally. I felt uncomfortable with this type of sales job scenario. So, I knew that these kinds of jobs were just not for me!

Maybe I Need to be Re-trained?

While researching these different sales, online, work from anywhere types of jobs, I started to come across information on affiliate marketing.

I didn’t know what this was at the time and I decided perhaps I should find out a little more about this. Maybe I could do some re-training and learn to do this type of work?


Looking into the Wealthy Affiliate Program!

During my research of jobs, I had found an article all about a training program called “Wealthy Affiliate” where you can learn how to be an Affiliate Marketer. It was the training that I was interested in and I thought it could help me to learn something new, that I could then use those new skills.

But it wasn’t just training it would teach me how to build my own website. I could create a NICHE website on anything that interested and inspired me. I liked the idea of creating a website that could help others.

The Wealthy Affiliate Program was really starting to look good to me now.

Ready Set Go – I’m an Affiliate Marketer

I read a few more reviews and did some research and I realised that I could sign up as a starter at no cost to me, and no obligations either.

This would give me a start to learn about affiliate marketing and create a website without any costs and that way I can see if I like it and if it’s the right fit for me! So I followed through on the starter sign-up!

On the sign-up page to get the training it says “A Platform Designed For Affiliate Marketers Of All Levels” well that was definitely me. I had no idea what I was doing! That put me right at the beginners level!

Wow! I was so happy that I could write and share my ideas, thoughts, research and create a helpful website for other internet users. At the same time, I was learning how to create my very own business.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

So how do you make money with a blog site? Well, it’s apparently called affiliate marketing!

You write informative articles and then post them to your website. I can do this! Then you just continue creating your posts, writing about something you enjoy or you think can help others, whether it is cooking, healthcare, weight-loss, arts or craft ideas, BBQ recipes, absolutely anything.

Once you have a website, you can sign up as an affiliate was any company that has an affiliate program. This then allows you to place some of their advertisements onto your blog page.

How this now works is if someone is on your site enjoying your blog and they see and advertisement of something they are interested in or want to buy then they can click on the advertisement which will take them to where they can purchase this product.

If the reader decides to purchase this product, at absolutely no extra cost to them and at no cost to the website owner, the company that owns the advertised product will pay the web page owner a small commission.

To top it off I find out that millions of people are already doing this! Wow! This sounded like something I could do, and I can earn money from doing this.

What’s in the Wealthy Affiliate Program?

So the wonderful thing for me was that there is no initial outlay, no taking my money for the starter package.

Then if I felt like this was for me and I can see the benefit in it for me I can decide if I want to sign up to become a premium member, which then entitles me to more training programs, extra help within the program and access to a number of other helpful tools.

The program training starts straight away. Learning how to turn your ideas into a website is easy with the step by step training process.

There are lots of website templates to choose from and the training is shown in an easy to understand and follow along learning program. You will not believe how a novice like me suddenly becomes a professional.

The tutorials include video instructions as well as read through instructions. There is an area available for questions and answers where you can also read the questions and answers of others in the community. The training is so easy to follow and they share with you proven strategies to help you attract traffic to your website.

The Wealthy Affiliate Program has been operating for over 13 years so it is understandable that its co-founders Kyle and Carson have a wealth of knowledge and valuable experience to pass onto their followers.

I felt welcomed into the community which has over 1,400,000 followers.

What Came Next

I went about setting my goals and was instantly followed by other affiliate marketers on the site, some who have been doing this for many years and making incredible incomes who are willing to share their knowledge, and some like myself who are completely new to the idea of having your own space on the internet.

I learnt that there is actually an abundance of revenue earning sources available to me on the internet. I don’t need to pay to put these advertisements on my website. My only job here is to create beautiful websites with interesting and helpful content to share with others.

All my hosting can be run through Wealthy Affiliates and it is a fast, secure and reliable hosting platform.

Final Summary From A Wealthy Affiliate

I feel like I have found the best job in the world for me.

Every day, I am creating, learning and meeting others in the community. I can work from where ever I choose as long as I have INTERNET access and my computer or phone.

My family gets to have me here with them when they need me and my life is really my own.

On top of all that, I am learning how to make money and all the hard work I put in, I will reap the benefits.

If you want to try FREE STARTER PROGRAM at Wealthy Affiliates, just click on the link below.

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  1. Thanks for that informative post about Affiliate Marketing. I was in a similar position myself. I wanted to work from home using the internet. I work in the Architecture profession, and whenever the economy slows down, building slows down, and I am out of work. 

    When I came across affiliate marketing, luckily it was Wealthy Affiliate, and I realize now there is no better place to learn to build a website in a niche that you love, drive traffic to it, and earn an income from it. All you need is a computer and the internet and you can work anywhere. Thanks for a great post.

    • Thanks Greg for reading my Post. 

      Its so important to learn new skills and what I love most about wealthy affiliates is I learn and am able to earn an income as well. I know that I will have a skill for the rest of my life with what I have learnt in the Wealthy Affiliate program. I hope that by sharing this with others that they too can find the same freedoms that I have. Mary

  2. Hi, I can only agree on that Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing platform, and you can see yourself lucky that you found out about all the scams there are online, without testing it. I did test a lot and did use some money, but it took some time for me to find WA, and that is way I can say it is the absolute best programe online. It might take some time before you get it up and start to generate income, but this offer you a long term bussiness. Keep up the good work, Linda.

    • Thanks Linda, 

      I’m so sorry to hear that you lost money to online scammers. It seems there are quite a few of those around.

      I totally agree with you about this being the best. I have learnt so much in this program and I really enjoy the people that I meet along the way. The income can take a little while to kick in as you build your site and get your search engine rankings up. But I am finding that when things start to happen they happen quickly. 

      Thank you for reading my Post on Wealthy Affiliates, with much gratitude Mary

  3. Hi Mary, I enjoyed how you took us through your journey in finding WA. I went through the same process. Weeding through all the scams was very discouraging. I felt like I was stuck in always working for someone else.

    Reading stories like yours and doing the WA training gives me hope. With hard work and focus, I know one day I will break the chains of a 9-5 job. 

    I also read your post that had the list of “Symptoms of High Stress”. I went through the list and checked off the ones I suffer from. It was sad, I almost checked everyone because I hate my job. I dread going to work everyday. Thanks for pointing out those symptoms. I thought something was wrong with me. It helps to know others are feeling  same burden as well. 

    Thank you very much. Keep up the good work. 


    • Hi Johnny, Thank you for coming to my site and reading my story. I am so glad to to hear that you enjoyed it. I think writing the story was a good process for me to see where I had been and what I was looking for before I found this wonderful training platform, community and business opportunity.

      I’m so glad you looked through my other articles too and found something here that helped you to recognise that you are suffering symptoms of high stress. Sadly, in todays busy world stress is part of everyday life and something many of us have to learn how to deal with and find ways to reduce and hopefully overcome. 

      I hope that you find ways to relieve this stress before it causes you any further problems. I find a good way for me to relax is to just do some deep breathing exercises or meditations. There are lots of great free meditations on you tube if you don’t own any yourself. Sometimes a walk near the beach or a lake is good as the air is usually fresh and the water along with the outdoors can make you feel relaxed and the exercise of a walk will help with stress reduction. 

      I wish you all the best with your journey at Wealthy Affiliate and that you will soon be able to leave behind the stressful environment that you are currently surrounded by. Blessings and Gratitude Mary

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