Welcome to my “migraine headache” natural remedies site. I really hope that you will find a variety of natural and healthy ways to help manage and hopefully take the pain out of migraine headaches.

Behind My Migraines

About Mary Dancer injuries migrainesMy first career was a very physical one in the performing arts and fitness industry. I worked extremely hard with my flexibility, stretching and exercising daily. Being young I didn’t stop to think of the toll I was taking on my body at the time.

Looking back at this now many years later, I can see that I had had many injuries and perhaps I had not always taken the right path to recovery during that time. There had been a lot of strain placed on my ligaments and joints. This meant that areas such as my back, neck and shoulders had taken a real battering physically and as I grew older the pain in these areas would come back to taunt me.

My mid-20s arrived and I decided to make a career change. My new career role was a full time, 45+ hours a week, sit down in an office chair all day job. So, here I was now, sitting at a desk all day, every day. Physically, everything started to tighten up and at the end of a day, I would feel tired and sore. I started to suffer from neck and upper back pain, tightness and stiffness. Then my migraine headaches started and continued to follow me for many years to come.

Eventually, I left full-time employment and became a mum. But the migraines continued on and off, sometimes they were so bad I couldn’t do anything but take medication and go to sleep because I couldn’t physically function. I went to my Doctor numerous times for checkups. I had some scans to check that there was no sinister underlying cause for these migraine headaches. But nothing was found and I came to realize it was something I was going to have to deal with and manage myself.

To add to the problem, a couple of years ago I had an accident and ended up with whiplash. During my recovery from the accident, my migraine headaches increased in frequency and become almost a daily occurrence for a while. I have had to work with my body towards recovery and I know that it will be something I now have to take a positive step towards managing for many years to come. I can feel when a migraine is near. Symptoms of blotchy eyes, a heavy tired feeling, tightness around my head or eyes.

One thing is for sure, I didn’t want to take strong pharmacy medicines every time I get migraine pain. I want to be kind to my body and look after it for the years to come. So, I decided to look into what can be done to help me deal with migraine pain naturally, and look into what might be the cause of my migraine headaches.


Can I Help You?


I know what its like to suffer from migraine headache pain, but there are so many natural options available to help manage pain without resorting to strong pharmaceutical options

This site I have put together to give you some natural treatment option. These are Options that I looked into for my own treatment, to help you find what may work for you and to help you look and find out what may be the underlying cause of your migraine headaches. I will review different migraine treatments, some I have tried and some I have heard about and researched. I will give some comparisons of different treatments available that you will be able to look at and hopefully uncover some wonderful natural treatments that can help you with you “migraine management”.


I Hope You Find Some Relief Here

Not everything wMary-Beach-relaxedorks the same for every single person, sometimes its trial and error to find what works best for you, but I hope you will find something here that helps you or some information here that you hadn’t considered before to help you manage and deal with migraine pain naturally.

If you ever have any questions about the information in these pages, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Happy Healing!


  1. Hi Mary,
    I have been a migraine sufferer for all of my adult life. I had my kids in my 30’s and I was told it would fix the problem, but it didn’t in fact, it made them worse. My migraines are most triggered by hormones and now that I am menopausal I’m suffering even more. I don’t like taking prescription drugs so I only take the medicines to treat the attacks.
    I believe prevention is the best cure so I have bookmarked your site and I’m really interested to read your suggestions and advice for natural remedies.
    Feel free to contact me too if you want to discuss anything migraine related, as it’s always good to chat to someone who understands the pain.

    • Hi Helen, Thank you for reading my post and for your honest and open comments. There are so many causes for Migraine Headaches and pinpointing your triggers are very important so you can then find a management plan that suits your needs. I too have, and continue to suffer from tension migraines from injury. I went through a stage of ocular migraines, and stress-related migraine. And I agree with you that finding natural ways to help with relief is so important. A migraine can stop you in your tracks and with a family to keep up with it’s not something you can always take a time-out to fix. Please keep reading as I have a few more posts on the way. With gratitude and blessings Mary

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